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Fees & Offers

Special Offers

Weddings/Special Events

Everyone wants to look perfect for their wedding day, and with all the smiling that such a happy occasion brings, we can ensure their smile looks perfect too!

We offer a variety of whitening packages for the bride and groom and any member of the wedding party, to ensure their teeth and skin are glowing on their special day. These offers are available all year round.


It is now possible to make a gift of cosmetic dentistry. A gift that will bring a smile to a loved one’s face - quite literally.

Perhaps a voucher for tooth whitening for Mother’s Day, a special birthday or a low calorie option for Easter! Whitening packages.

Please telephone us for more details.

Patient Referral

We are always happy to treat family and friends of existing patients. Since we are a growing business, word of mouth referrals are critical to us. We would encourage all patients that are happy with our service to mention us to their family and friends.

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